Board Composition _ Duties

      Festival Contacts _ Administration

  • The Festival Board is made up of the General Chair, Co-Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Group Chairs.
  • Within each Group there are specific Duties to be carried out.
  • Volunteers who assist in those duties report to the Group Chair, their representative on the Festival Board.
General Chair
Wendy VanderMeulen
Vice Chair
David Western

Gay McMillen

General Chair
Wendy VanderMeulen

Overall managing of the Festival
Ex-Officio member of all groups
Vice Chair
David Western

Assists General Chairman in her duties: Chairs Board meeting in the absence of the General Chair and
Co-Chair; Other duties as volunteered or assigned by the Board
Gay McMillen

Is responsible for minute taking of all Board meetings and all Secretarial duties associated with the recording and distribution of minutes
Is the keeper of the hardcopy of all minutes and related documents.

Group Chair(s) are responsible to find volunteers to assist in the completion of duties assigned to the Group and to manage those duties.
There is no limit to the number of volunteers allowed to assist.

Education Group Chair(s)
Ted _ Freda Moore
Education Group Duties Leader(s)
Festival Dress Christine deNormandie
Discussion Groups Benoit Renault
Heritage / Decorations Vacant
Sewing Room Vacant

Facilities Group Chair(s)
Bob Pitruniak
Facilities Group Duties
Hospitality Lamar Mason

Lynn Legree
Venue Peter Courdin
Flooring Bob Petruniak

Finance Group Chair
Finance Group Duties Leader(s)
Chair Wendy VanderMeulen
Treasurer Lauraine Smith
Auditor Paul Lavigne
Grants, Sponsorships _ Advertising Wendy McCracken
Ways _ Means David Western

Program Group Chair(s)

Andy Himberg-Larsen
Program Group Duties
Square Dance Program Bob Summers
Round Dance Program Roy Gotta
Other Dance Programs Wendy VanderMeulen
Sound Andy Himberg-Larsen
Hearing Enhancement Paul Dennison
Operations Centre Pierre Reinhard
Dancing On The Hill Andy Himberg-Larsen

Anne Graham 
Trail In / Trail Out Dances Board

Publicity Group Chair(s)
Nancy Morgan

Anne Graham 
Publicity Group Duties
Advertising / Promotion Nancy Morgan
Ambassador Mary Anne Reinhard
Ceremonies Meri Squares
Media Meri Squares
Tourist _ Spectator Meri Squares
Souvenir / Program Guide Martha Summers
Website Coordinator Geoff Clarke
WebMaster Pat Gauthier

Registration Group Chair(s)
Barbara Dennison
Registration Group Duties
Registrar John Charman
Registration Helgi Goodman
Camping / RV Robert Lamarche
Hotels Lloyd Adams

Wendy VanderMeulen
Welcoming Committee Bob Forsyth  (Village Squares)
On-site Angels Robert Lamarche

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