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On behalf of the Board of Festival 2014, I'd like to thank every person who came to Ottawa for our event. We all received so many wonderful comments on how much fun everyone had and how great everything was that we were almost embarrassed.

Thank You to:

  • All the dancers - most of the rooms were full most of the time. Thank you for dancing your feet off. Thank you for coming
  • All the Callers, Cuers, and other leaders - you were awesome! Thank you for giving your time to the dancers
  • All the volunteers - so many of you gave up dance time to help us make Festival the success it was. We couldn't have done it without you.

In hindsight, as with any event, there are things we would have done differently if we could turn back time, but the few things we would have done differently are nothing compared to all the things we would do exactly the same again. We are very proud of the event we put on ... we are very proud of the people who helped to make it so great.

Thank you all for being a part of Festival 2014. You all contributed to making it the successful event it was.

Wendy VanderMeulen
General Chair

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